At St Margaret Clitherow’s we take great pride in our uniform. It provides a symbol of our commitment to the school and its practices and most importantly makes us all look and feel the same, all equal members of God’s family. The purple represents the new millennium, a time of preparation in the Catholic Church and outstanding achievement.


Our school uniform consists of the following:

Winter Uniform

  • Purple sweater or cardigan featuring the school logo
  • White shirt (NOT a polo shirt)
  • Purple, grey and gold striped tie
  • Grey trousers, skirt or pinafores
  • Small hair bows (school colours only)
  • Flat black shoes – high heels are not to be worn

Optional uniform items for Summer uniform (Easter until end of July)

  • Purple gingham dress
  • Grey shorts with a white or purple polo shirt (no tie)
  • White or black sandals
  • Purple reversible waterproof fleece

PE uniform

Indoor PE uniform:

  • Black or navy plain shorts
  • Plain white T-shirt

Outdoor PE uniform:

  • Black or navy plain jogging bottoms and a plain white T – shirt
  • Black or navy plain hooded jacket
  • Plain trainers

PE kits should always be kept at school. They can be left at school for a half term before they are taken home to be washed. PE bags should be limited to drawstring styles with very thin handles which will easily fit onto the narrow pegs. We have no facility to store holdalls or backpacks as these cannot hang securely on pegs and tend to fall on the floor, presenting a tripping hazard.

Uniform plays a vital role in bringing all of our children together and making them look and feel part of one family. If for any reason a child arrives at school without full school uniform, he/she will be given the opportunity to borrow the missing item for the day. Please note that all items of uniform should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. The school can take no responsibility for lost or damaged uniform.

Please note that extreme hair cuts eg. excessive beading, shaven marks in hair are neither necessary nor desirable in school and therefore should not be worn.

Hair which either touches or hangs below the shoulder must be tied back.


Pupils are asked to leave all jewellery at home as this is seen as a hazard to young children. No earrings are permitted for health and safety reasons. Staff will either ask a child to remove their earrings or they will be immediately taped up.

Sensible sized analogue or basic digital watches are permitted.

Electronic or ‘smart’ watches are not permitted and will be immediately removed.

Transfer tattoos and make up are not permitted.

If a child forgets to remove jewellery before coming to school, he/she will be asked to remove it and place in his/her tray until home time.

Link to Lollipops school uniform website