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St Andrew’s Parish (Father Michael Sellers)

Saint Andrew’s is a Catholic Christian Community, commissioned by baptism, nourished by eucharist and empowered by the Holy Spirit, in bearing witness to our faith in Jesus Christ as we strive to live by the Gospels in loving service of one another and of our neighbour, building up his kingdom to the greater glory of God.


Information on Sacramental Policy and Programmes is available at the back of each of our churches. All Preparation programmes are parish based.


Application forms are at the back of our churches. There are five preparation programmes throughout the year.


There are two/three preparation programmes each year. Please contact the Parish Priest at least 12 months before any other plans are made.

Communion to the Sick and Housebound

Visits by request — please contact Anna Chadwick. Those in Hospital please contact the Catholic Chaplain.

St Andrew’s Parish Presbytery

Bondfield Road, Teesville TS6 9BA

TEL: 01642 453556

FAX: 01642 455441


E-mail: [email protected]