St Margaret Clitherow’s  School Chaplaincy Lead:

Mrs K Kelly

The school chaplaincy meet each week for prayer, discussion and reflection.

This is a time for some quiet, some thinking, some talking, some fun and always lots of doing.

All children are welcome to come and join us to talk.

The chaplaincy team at Saint Margaret Clitherow’s is an integral part of the school and parish family committed to the beliefs and values of the Gospels, working side by side on a journey of faith.

As a Christian family we acknowledge that each individual is made in God’s image and loved by Him. All family members are valued and respected as individuals so that they can be supported to fulfil their unique role in creation.

Our Chaplaincy Mission

  • to serve the personal and spiritual needs of our family members
  • to promote the importance of positive relationships within a spirit of honesty, support and love

“In working with young people do not call them back to where they were and do not call them to where you are, beautiful as that place may seem to you, you must have the courage to go with them to a place neither you nor they may have been before”

Fr V.J. Donovan ‘Christianity Discovered’


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Our staff also run the Rainbows Bereavement and Loss programme for children who are grieving a significant loss in their lives. 

Their programmes provide an emotionally safe environment for children and young people to guide them through grieving a significant and often devastating loss in their lives because of a death, divorce, family separation or any other painful transition.

Their vision is quite simply for every child and young person in every school in Great Britain, grieving a significant and often devastating loss in their lives, to be understood and supported appropriately.

The Rainbows Programmes provide age relevant materials which form a structured 12 – 14 week programme to assist children and young people through their grief and loss. Rainbows supports self-esteem, trust, confidence and resilience, whilst promoting positive emotional development and healthy relationships.

All staff involved in the programme have had over 5 hours  training in how to deliver the programme at an age appropriate level for the children they are working with. 

If you feel this would be something your child would benefit from please contact school.